About Us

Pollard PLLC

Pollard PLLC is a litigation boutique focused on competition law. The firm and its members have extensive experience litigating unfair competition disputes.

In April 2012, Jonathan Pollard left Boies, Schiller & Flexner’s Fort Lauderdale office to launch his own practice. Many lawyers who leave big firms to strike out on their own are partners who have books of business. Pollard was a third-year associate. At first, Pollard was a true solo practitioner. He had no other lawyers and no support staff.

Over the next few years, Pollard went from being a solo practitioner to being the principal of a small but growing litigation shop.

The firm has litigated dozens of cases to favorable resolutions, won multiple appeals in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit and the Florida District Courts of Appeal and advised hundreds of individuals and businesses on competition issues.

Our Mission


We know our clients’ businesses. We know the facts on the ground. We know the business realities. And we know the business goal. That information dictates strategy. We don’t practice law in a vacuum. We never lose sight of the bigger picture. The way we see it, the law is a tool to accomplish the end business goal.

Public Service

As a firm, we are committed to spending at least 10% of our time providing free legal services to those who need but cannot afford legal representation. The firm’s principal was honored for his pro bono contributions by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Beyond pro bono legal service, the firm is heavily involved with youth advocacy and education reform issues. The City of Lauderdale Lakes proclaimed November 25th Jonathan Pollard day in honor of his efforts to start, run and fund a nationally competitive debate team at Boyd Anderson High School.

Absolute Mastery

We focus our competition law. Within this arena, we strive for absolute mastery. That is our goal. This means formulating a new, unique strategy for each case or controversy; aiming to practice law at the highest level; constantly learning more about our area of practice and always striving to add more tools to our took kit. We are constantly studying our craft and working to be better at what we do.


For a big firm, it makes sense to have dozens of different practice areas. For a small firm, it does not. The best way for us to deliver value to our clients is for us to focus on a few specific areas of law. Our main focus is competition law. Take non-compete cases. We litigate these cases every day. We advise clients on these issues every day. And as a result, we have developed a tremendous amount of knowledge related specifically to these types of disputes. We know the legal landscape, often across multiple jurisdictions. We know the relevant body of case law. We know the tools and techniques.


We strive to be a great value to our clients. We’re lean. We’re efficient. With respect to billing, we handle cases on hourly, mixed fee, flat fee and occasionally contingency fee arrangements.

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