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The firm and its members have extensive experience litigating complex non-compete, trade secret, defamation, and employment disputes.

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Pollard PLLC Wins Major Non-Compete Appeal in US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit

Pollard PLLC has scored another major appellate victory, this time in the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. The trial court case involved several employees who left Vital Pharmaceuticals or “VPX” (the maker of Bang energy drink) to join a start-up beverage company called Elegance Brands. All of these employees had non-compete

Pollard PLLC Defeats Non-Compete Injunction in Villages Real Estate Litigation

In a major victory for Pollard PLLC and its clients, the Firm has successfully defeated Properties of the Villages’ bid for a preliminary injunction. The facts of the case are laid out at length in a previous post. To briefly summarize: POV sued several former real estate agents to enforce non-compete agreements. POV claimed that

Pollard PLLC Launches Investigation into American Heritage School

Pollard PLLC has launched its own investigation into American Heritage School, an elite private school with campuses in Plantation and Boca Raton, Florida. The Firm’s investigation focuses on American Heritage’s use of non-compete agreements among faculty and staff. The Firm has already obtained evidence that American Heritage School (through its affiliated entity American Learning Systems,

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“Do You Belong Here?” – Hotel Discrimination

Hotel Discrimination: A (Sadly) Familiar Story One morning, at a hotel in Clearwater, Florida, a guest went downstairs to the lobby to get coffee and breakfast. As many guests are, she was dressed casually in sweatpants and a t-shirt. The young (and white) assistant manager approached her as she was pouring her coffee and said,

Pollard PLLC

Johnny Depp / Amber Heard: Lessons About Defamation, Litigation & Trial

As most people now know, Johnny Depp won a resounding victory in his defamation trial against Amber Heard. No, that result is not some catastrophe for women or the end of #MeToo. Victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse will continue to stand up for themselves and face their abusers. But Amber Heard was not

Employment Law, Retaliation, & Protected Activity

Although we frequently hear about unlawful discrimination in the workplace, retaliation is just as big of a problem. And, from a legal standpoint, a retaliation case is often easier to prove. It is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee for engaging in protected activity. Protected activity can take many different forms. Discrimination