Deaken Shuler

Deaken Shuler is a lawyer admitted in Missouri, Managing Partner of the Firm’s St. Louis office and Pollard PLLC’s Director of Legal Operations. Mr. Shuler earned a law degree from the University of Miami. He is admitted to practice law in the state of Missouri. He worked with the Firm as a law clerk for several years before assuming the current role. In his current capacity, Mr. Shuler is involved in literally every aspect of Firm operations and every single case the Firm litigates. He works directly with Jonathan Pollard and Chris Prater. Mr. Shuler routinely:

  • Investigates and analyzes potential litigation matters and presents his findings to the Firm.
  • Manages extensive pre-suit and mid-litigation factual investigations, including working with clients and relevant third parties to identify, locate, and interview key witnesses and obtain critical evidence.
  • Coordinates and manages large-scale discovery projects that routinely involve the collection and review of 100,000+ documents.
  • Ensures compliance with all applicable rules for all courts in which the Firm practices, including rules of individual judges.
  • Extensive research, analysis, and writing.
  • Manages all pre-hearing and pre-trial preparations. Either conducts or attends all significant hearings and trials.
Deaken Shuler

Focus Areas

  • Legal Operations
  • Employment Law
  • Non-Compete
  • Trade Secrets
  • False Advertising
  • Bankruptcy
  • Appellate


University of Miami, J.D., Cum Laude
University of Arkansas, B.A.