Another Thank You Letter in Today’s Mail

We received a thank you letter in today’s mail.  Strangely, the letter was not from a client.  Instead, it was from someone who watched our videos on YouTube.  Apparently, one of those videos helped this person in her non-compete dispute.  That makes my day. It doesn’t matter to me that this wasn’t my client. It doesn’t matter that this wasn’t my victory. It doesn’t matter that we never made a dollar off this case. It’s about justice. Here you go:

I just wanted you to know I won my non compete case today. I am a contingency recruiter who worked for a small independent office for nearly 15 years. In Jan of 2014, my new manager informed me he was changing my pay substantially. He cited his reasoning were not because of the economy, not because of business conditions but frankly because he could. The environment was horrible and I stayed for many years despite his inexperience and his demeaning personality because I honestly loved my job. My production was the best in the office but for family reasons I could not break away from him for fear of not being able to provide for my family. In January, I finally had enough and with my family’s support I quit and opened up XXXXXXXXXX. The legal fight pressed on for more than 18 months and cost me many sleepless nights and XXXXXX dollars. As I live in a small town, I had to hire a wonderful lawyer from the XXXXX area. My reason for sending you this note, is to thank you for posting your YouTube discussion on non competes in the staffing industry. I have watched it many times. Your message is clear and really helped me get through the last year and a half with my sanity. Thank you.

In case you are wondering, here is the staffing non-compete discussion:

The takeaway: 

In most instances, staffing non-compete agreements can be challenged.