Florida Right to Work Law Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

Recently, I was quoted in the Tampa Bay Times in an article about a well-known St. Petersburg chef who was sued for violating the terms of her non-compete agreement.   The chef, Domenica Macchia, worked briefly at a restaurant called Three Birds Tavern, then jumped ship to go work at a place called Beak’s Old Florida. 

Restaurant Industry Giant Landry’s Sues Former Employee & Rival Restaurant Company

Landry’s Restaurants, the Houston-based company that owns more than 40 restaurant chains and 400 properties including restaurants, hotels and casinos, has sued a former employee for breaching a non-compete agreement.  Last week, Landry’s filed suit against Tim Kohler, who formerly served as director of operations for Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse, the highly-acclaimed steakhouse with locations

Florida Court Upholds Non-Compete Agreement Against St. Petersburg Chef

In January, the Three Birds Tavern, a restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida, sued its former employee, chef Domenica Macchia, for breaching a non-compete agreement.  Macchia, a well-known chef in north Florida, worked briefly for Three Birds before jumping ship to go work for another local restaurant called Beak’s Old Florida.  At the time the lawsuit

Responding to Cease & Desist Letters: Reasonable Assurances

Most people who call my Fort Lauderdale office about a non-compete case do so after receiving a cease and desist letter from their former employer.  Usually, an initial assessment of the case goes one of two ways:  (1) Litigation is inevitable or (2) The case can be resolved without litigation.  Granted, there are certain instances

Former Sales Rep Beats Dentsply in First Round of Non-Compete Fight

It can be difficult to discuss trends in non-compete litigation, particularly from a national perspective, given that non-compete agreements are governed by state law.  Although many states utilize similar tests for evaluating the enforceability of such agreements, there can be tremendous variation from one state to another.  That said, a number of recent cases from