Pollard PLLC Launches Investigation into American Heritage School

Pollard PLLC has launched its own investigation into American Heritage School, an elite private school with campuses in Plantation and Boca Raton, Florida. The Firm’s investigation focuses on American Heritage’s use of non-compete agreements among faculty and staff. The Firm has already obtained evidence that American Heritage School (through its affiliated entity American Learning Systems, Inc.) has threatened to enforce non-compete restrictions against employees who are leaving American Heritage for teaching positions elsewhere. It is the Firm’s position that school teachers and instructors should not be subject to non-compete restrictions.

In addition, Pollard PLLC is investigating any other attempts by American Heritage, American Learning Systems, or affiliated companies to limit or restrain employee mobility. If you are aware of any teacher non-compete agreements, or, of any agreements between American Heritage and other schools to restrict or limit employee mobility, please contact our office at 954-332-2380.