Pollard Quoted in Wall Street Journal on Broker Non-Competes

Florida non-compete and trade secret attorney Jonathan Pollard was quoted in the Wall Street Journal – Wealth Advisor regrading broker non-compete agreements on July 1, 2016.  The column discusses broker non-compete agreements, The Protocol (governing movement of brokers between firms) and JP Morgan’s controversial “limited joinder” to The Protocol.  Pollard has taken the position that it is inequitable for JPMC to raise The Protocol as a shield when it poaches brokers from rival shops, but then deny those brokers Protocol protections when they transition out of JPMC.

Pollard has advised dozens of brokers and financial advisors regarding non-compete and Protocol issues.

Pollard is the principal of Pollard PLLC, a five-lawyer litigation boutique focused on competition law.  Pollard has extensive experience litigating non-compete, trade secret, trademark and antitrust cases.  For more information, call his office at 954-332-2380.