Pollard PLLC Suing Critical Intervention Services for Wage Theft

In the latest chapter of the Firm’s long running crusade against corporate abuse of working class Americans, Pollard PLLC is suing the Florida-based private security company Critical Intervention Services (“CIS”) for wage theft in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). The Beginning: A Security Guard Non-Compete Case The case arises out of Michael

Florida Non-Compete Defense: Playing Offense

A core principle of successful non-compete defense is that the best defense is a good offense. Play Offense: Any time an employee receives a cease and desist letter for allegedly violating a non-compete agreement, or, a company receives a cease and desist letter for hiring individuals who have non-compete agreements (e.g. tortious interference), the potential

New York’s Unique Services Non-Compete Law is Complete Trash

In today’s non-compete lesson, we address New York’s “unique services” non-compete exception. New York courts generally disfavor non-compete agreements, only enforcing them in limited circumstances (such as the protection of trade secrets). One massive exception: New York’s “unique services” rule. Essentially, this doctrine holds than an employer can enforce a non-compete agreement where the employee

How Florida Non-Compete Law is Really Supposed to Work

This is an introduction that I wrote earlier today for a brief in one of our non-compete cases currently pending in Tampa, Florida. The team wrote the brief, I wrote the intro.  Unfortunately, over the past twenty years or so, many judges in Florida trial courts – both state and federal – have simply gotten

Trade Dress Trash: Yellowfin Yachts Loses (Again!) on Appeal to Eleventh Circuit

America is in the midst of an epidemic of frivolous trademark litigation. If you have followed the news over the past several months, there have been numerous fantastic examples: Hard Rock Hotel’s absurd case against Rock Star Hotels, which is not a hotel chain at all, but rather, a hotel booking service. FyreTV – a